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Using Music and Sound Effects on your website

Music for use on the web is most commonly found in these three formats:

MP3, WAV and Flash

WAV Format
WAV loops are very large in size (44k 16 bit) and can't be played on a web site as they are.
You need to import them into the Flash program to convert them down to a managable size.
If you own Flash software or want to add music to an existing Flash project, using the WAV
files offers you lots of flexibility. Not only can you decide the playback quality of the music,
you can also string 2 or even more matching music loops together in your favorite sound editing program
before importing into Flash for more musical variety (but also larger file sizes)
Our Music Loops come in WAV Format or Pre-Built Flash/HTML Format - the choice is yours.

FLASH Format
Using our pre-formatted Flash format loops makes it easy to add professional near CD quality music
tracks to your website. To add for instance the Rock1 loop to your web page, simply copy the HTML code
from the Rock1.html file at the bottom of your web page and upload the matching Rock1.swf file to your
server. The music will load in mere seconds and loop almost indefinitely. It's that easy.

MP3 Format:
The MP3 Format is
only suitable for single shot sounds (like our Sound FX, Stingers and Intros)
MP3 files do not loop cleanly in Flash that's why we do not sell our music loops in the MP3 Format. Only single duration stingers, sound effects, and button sounds work well imported as an MP3 file.

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