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All music on this site has been produced by Alan Steward. Alan is a well known record producer and sound designer that has helped artists reach the top of the charts for almost 10 years. He worked in the studio with artists like Eddie Kendrix of the Temptations (#1 hit "Keep on Trucking") and Dennis Edwards (#1 hit "Don't Look Any Further") He recorded and remixed artists like the Baha Men (#1 hit "Who let the Dogs Out") and many other grammy winners and nominees. He operates his own recording studio and production company and is always helping new artists release their music. Besides being a top class sound engineer (He did concert sound for top stars from Lou Rawls, James Brown and Melissa Manchester to the Temptations and Inner Circle) Alan is also a multi-instrumentalist playing drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. His music has been heard on major television networks in 14 countries and on major motion pictures.

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Alan Steward - Producer, Sound Designer


If you  need original music for your next video project, commercial or movie we can create a great soundtrack to your specifications and for your exclusive use.

You will find our rates very reasonable and we offer top notch quality and timely delivery and our studio is fully equipped to sync your music soundtrack to video.

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